Garage Shelving

                  GARAGE SHELVING
Garages today are not necessarily used for vehicles these days. in many cases, the garage is used primarily for surplus storage for many items that aren’t always needed in the house for day to day use. and this is why there is a wide variety of storage solutions available today. so why do we need storage solutions? Well, the answer is obvious, to maximise the number of items we can fit into one space. the garage is usually the only available space in the house in which to do this easily, where are some people store things in the loft witch makes accessing things difficult in the long run. So what types of storage are available?
There is a wide variety of shelving alone, from wall mounted to freestanding, overhead to modular each serving an individual purpose. some types of shelving are there to serve a specific purpose depending on the space available and the items required to be stored. so let’s look at different types in more detail.
These are the most common shelves that You will see in garages, sheds, workshops or even in the house, and this is because its the cheapest and easiest method of getting things off the floor and onto the walls freeing up space on the floor. they can be put almost anywhere at any height and any length quickly and easily, however, these are not that versatile and would require re-installation if any point Your requirements happen to change. aren’t the most visually pleasing.
The reason this type of shelving would be used is to utilise the height in a space as opposed to wall space. these types of shelving come in all shapes and sizes and can be hand made to specific requirements depending on what type of items will be stored. generally speaking, these storage systems are free-standing and easy to move at any given time and are more versatile than wall mounted shelves. You will often see modular shelves being used in smaller areas like workshops and garages for instance where wall space is limited.
These are much less common shelves and are specifically designed to free up wall and floor space, although they can be harder to access because of their height they do offer maximum storage efficiency. Overhead storage shelves can be very limited due to ceiling heights and obstructions such as lighting, framework supporting garage door motors and various other obstacles that might be in the way. You might find these type of shelve in a place where wall and floor space is limited or being used for other purposes.
so we have taken a look at the three main types of storage shelves we might see being used in many different types of storage situations each serving their own purpose although the possibilities are quite literally endless